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"Nothing About Us Without Us"- Empowering Voices: Why it's important to include Victim/Survivors in conversations about them

I have spent 50 years minimising and denying the enormity of what my brother did to me when I was 8. My parents did too. Thankfully, when I was finally able to seek justice, the Avon and Somerset Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (RASSO) did not, despite the fact that Andrew was legally a child at the time and these crimes took place within our family. In 2022 Andrew Herbert stood trial on the following 6 counts against me (The full charges set out the different types of assault inflicted- but I will spare you that detail):

Why am sharing this with you? Well I, together with my fellow adult survivors have become increasingly alarmed by the growing acceptance of minimising language used to talk about Sibling Sexual Abuse. At no small cost to our own psychological welfare, we have willingly stuck our heads above the parapet to shine an honest and unfiltered light on the life-long devastating impact of SSA. In sheer frustration, my amazing friend Carole Brooks and I sat down together and 'penned' the following letter which, I hope, will speak for itself 🖤 

If you wish to show your support, please get in touch with me. Rest assured that all communication will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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